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We have extensive knowledge of all vehicle control modules, from engine control units to infotainment systems. Our experience in electrical distributions systems (EDS) and network management allows us to integrate and apply whole vehicle applications. We can manage numerous tier 1 suppliers through concept to production, or can supply via our partner supplier network.

• Automotive Production Electronics
• Engine Control
• Transmission Control
• Body Control Systems
• Driver Displays
• Infotainment Systems
• Advanced EEI & EDS



We have provided many global OEM’s with software solutions which are scaleable, efficient and compliant. From concept vehicle architecture, through to system level development, to embedded module detail, we can operate to achieve successful control systems with value-added functionality.

Automotive Networks •
Network Architecture •
CAN Networks •
In-House Authoring •
Specification •
MISRA Compliance •

Brabham BT62 Engine Bay



Our in-depth knowledge allows us to provide solutions covering all methods of propulsion, whilst meeting global vehicle compliance standards and emissions legislation. We have extensive experience with performance enhancing programs for large OEMs powertrains to enable exciting concept, niche and halo vehicles.

• Enhancement and Installation
• High Performance and Efficiency
• Analysis & Simulation
• IC and Hybrid
• Emissions Compliance (EU, USA & Japan)
• CO2 Reduction Implementation



We cover all aspects of concept creation, development and vehicle enhancement, which enable us to offer a full range of services to global OEMs and Tier1 suppliers. Working with recognised industry processes in an agile and time-efficient manner to integrate the latest technologies using our broad experience of full vehicle engineering.

Niche, Concept and “Halo” Products •
Product Concepts •
Lightweight Technologies •
High Performance •
Brand Enhancement •
Driver Involvement •
Vehicle Builds •

Delorean GTO



Blending style with engineering, we can design to each clients specifications and requirements a tailor made product in its truest form. Fully immersing them in the project, from exterior styling to the mechanical & electronic technology underneath, we combine the complexities of engineering with the beauty of art, and distill it into a unique creation.